Large Inventory of Quilting Tools in Lihue, HI

There are several quilting tools to make cutting and stitching easier and more accurate. From quilting rulers, rotary cutters, marking tools, and more, here is a list of essential quilting tools that we carry and that every quilter should have.

Quilting Rulers

Every new quilter needs at least one ruler. We suggest starting with a quilting ruler that is 6”x24”. The longer rulers allow you to easily make cuts along the entire width of the fabric. Because you may occasionally need to cut strips wider than your ruler, we also suggest purchasing a smaller ruler to make that process a little easier. Finally, you may also choose to purchase a 12-1/2” quilting square ruler to use when squaring up. The smaller rulers also make it easier to cut smaller pieces. It’s a good idea to find a ruler that has measurement increments down to an eighth of an inch. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on your quilting ruler. This is a tool that you will use for years and years to come, and the accuracy and quality of the ruler is key to your quilting success.

Rotary Cutters

Rotary cutters are used to get straight, clean cuts from your fabric. For beginners, we recommend starting with a 45mm blade. Rotary cutters come in a variety of sizes – from 18mm to 60mm. The 18mm and 28mm cutters are used primarily for curved piecing, and the 60mm is designed to cut through multiple layers of fabric, batting, and difficult materials. Like the 60mm blade, the 45mm can cut through 2-3 layers of fabric at a time and is typically much more user-friendly for beginners.

Quilting Scissors

While most projects are cut using a rotary cutter, quilting scissors are great to have around for special projects like templates. Your sewing room should have three different pairs of scissors–a small pair to cut loose threads, a pair to cut paper, and a pair strictly for cutting fabrics.

Marking Tools

Marking tools are handy for many reasons. Whether it be marking your fabrics, tracing patterns, or making notes, the most important thing is that the marks you make on your fabrics only last as long as you need them. Before you use your marking tools, read the instructions and understand how it gets erased. The type of marking tools that you use is entirely up to you. Some people prefer soapstone, others like pencils, and some like pens.

More Quilting Tools

In addition to the tools mentioned above, Kapaia Stitchery, Inc. carries:

  • Batting
  • Frames & Hoops
  • Sewing Needles & Thimbles
  • Pins
  • Stencils
  • Cutting Mats
  • Thread

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