Hawaiian Print Fabric in Lihue, HI

Kapaia Stitchery has the largest inventory of Hawaiian print fabric. New designs are constantly being added to our lineup. We frequently update our website photos as well as frequently post on our Facebook page. We use 100% cotton and other superior fabrics for our quilts, wall hangings, and bedspreads to ensure that you get the finest quality possible. Our Hawaiian print fabric runs the gamut from colorful and bold to more subtle and traditional prints. Therefore, island designs will contribute to a warm, tropical look and feel into your home.

Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

When it came to Hawaiian quilting, it was kapu (forbidden) to depict animals. The people of old believed that animals want to keep moving, and you shouldn’t capture their spirit by pinning them down on a fabric. However, contemporary Hawaiian quilt patterns differ from the traditional ones in that they are usually multicolored and may depict animals, humans, as well as other tropical designs. In addition, they look more realistic and pictorial. In the past, functionality was more important than aesthetics; however, the main focus for quilters today is artistic expression and creativity.

Kapaia Stitchery has many traditional and modern Hawaiian quilt patterns. Capture the culture and history of the islands by creating your own quilts, wall hangings, crafts, and more with our Hawaiian quilt patterns. We have pieced as well as applique patterns.

Custom Hawaiian Quilts

Hawaiian quilts typically consist of only two colors that are either solid or near-solid colored fabrics. There is one color in the background and a contrasting color in the foreground and border. They were historically made from the fabrics that were most readily available, which was often red and white. The graceful, flowing quilting lines surrounding the designs on Hawaiian quilts are often an echo or outline quilting style. This quilting style mirrors the relationship Hawaiian people have with nature and the islands.

For our customers who don’t sew, but appreciate the beauty and history of our local crafts and fabric art, we feature an impressive collection of ready-made Hawaiian and island-style quilts available for purchase. We have quilts with colorful patterns that depict the beauty and history of the islands. We invite you to visit our fabric store to check our selections.

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